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2014-11-22 08:29:16 UTC









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• Current activities in calendar:[view all]

Special Event: Sonder-DOK 30G45 - Special-DOK 3…

2014-01-01 00:00:00 - 2014-12-12 23:59:00

• Most active users on site now:

flag of dxcc 223 2E0DPG

image of 2e0dpg

David Paul Ganner

flag of dxcc 284 SM5BFJ

image of sm5bfj

Leif Hammarstrom

flag of dxcc 254 LX1KF

image of lx1kf

Alphonse Krier

flag of dxcc 339 JE6JAO

image of je6jao

Shingo Fukushima

flag of dxcc 281 EA1FCL

image of ea1fcl

Alfredo Blanco Diaz

flag of dxcc 236 SV1RHL

image of sv1rhl

Chrisopoulos Sot…

flag of dxcc 269 SP2MEF

image of sp2mef

Kwiecinski Jerzy

flag of dxcc 230 DL3GCB

image of dl3gcb

Bernd Novotny

flag of dxcc 248 IU2ABV

image of iu2abv

Fabio Rancati

flag of dxcc 150 VK2FR

image of vk2fr

John Sharpe

• Our users on DX Cluster now:

Date / Timesort descFrequencyDX CallSpotterRemarks
2014-11-22 08:27:257073.0 kHzflag of dxcc 209 OP14N/Pflag of dxcc 209 ON3CRD5/9+10 HERE TNX
2014-11-22 08:27:247002.0 kHzflag of dxcc 339 JM7OLWflag of dxcc 263 PA3CWNSuke CQ DX
2014-11-22 08:26:4828076.0 kHzflag of dxcc 223 G0MUCflag of dxcc 236 SV2CBNjt65
2014-11-22 08:26:2424940.0 kHzflag of dxcc 209 OS0Cflag of dxcc 236 SV1XVCQ
2014-11-22 08:26:1628420.0 kHzflag of dxcc 288 UR3CTBflag of dxcc 150 VK5MTMTnx Sergey!
2014-11-22 08:26:1524940.0 kHzflag of dxcc 209 OS0Cflag of dxcc 54 RA3RBLCQ CQ
2014-11-22 08:25:5221270.0 kHzflag of dxcc 170 ZL1PWRflag of dxcc 275 YO5AMF
2014-11-22 08:25:5128440.0 kHzflag of dxcc 248 IK4GROflag of dxcc 150 VK4RF
2014-11-22 08:25:4721256.0 kHzflag of dxcc 400 7U60ARflag of dxcc 269 SQ9DDR59 thanks Garti
2014-11-22 08:25:4628487.0 kHzflag of dxcc 150 VK6NU/Pflag of dxcc 150 VK6EHSOTA stn VK6/SW-036
2014-11-22 08:25:3828120.0 kHzflag of dxcc 269 SP1MGMflag of dxcc 269 SQ2MGM599 IN NIKOSIA 5B/SQ2MGM
2014-11-22 08:25:3724894.0 kHzflag of dxcc 212 LZ1164SIMflag of dxcc 54 UA3DEFCQ CQ
2014-11-22 08:25:0528400.0 kHzflag of dxcc 150 VK2GGCflag of dxcc 230 DJ9KAIworking split, up 5
2014-11-22 08:25:047175.0 kHzflag of dxcc 248 IZ4EFP/Pflag of dxcc 248 IK2NBWDCI-PC032 WCA-06928 DAI-EM0659
2014-11-22 08:24:5828008.0 kHzflag of dxcc 214 TK5MHflag of dxcc 248 IK0TUMup... tnx qso
2014-11-22 08:24:387006.1 kHzflag of dxcc 120 HC2AO/8flag of dxcc 150 VK3EW
2014-11-22 08:23:4914247.0 kHzflag of dxcc 339 JF3KNWflag of dxcc 263 PA2PDtnx nobu for the cntct
2014-11-22 08:23:4221254.0 kHzflag of dxcc 223 M0HDXflag of dxcc 339 JA3BCCTks LP qso Jim!
2014-11-22 08:23:297006.0 kHzflag of dxcc 120 HC2AO/8flag of dxcc 339 JA3TJA
2014-11-22 08:23:2828436.0 kHzflag of dxcc 227 F6GPTflag of dxcc 146 LY4MATnx QSO

• Latest activated users with images:

flag of dxcc 223 2E0DPG

image of 2e0dpg

David Paul Ganner

flag of dxcc 291 KM4EMU

image of km4emu

James Henry Ware

flag of dxcc 170 ZL1DA

image of zl1da

Colin James Wilde

flag of dxcc 291 K0SR

image of k0sr

Steve Root

flag of dxcc 291 KC4YJM

image of kc4yjm

Rita Van Trump

flag of dxcc 227 F6GYF

image of f6gyf

Gilles Dumont

flag of dxcc 284 SM5BFJ

image of sm5bfj

Leif Hammarstrom

flag of dxcc 291 KB1WLB

image of kb1wlb

David Zagroski

flag of dxcc 291 N1DNA

image of n1dna

David Altekruse

flag of dxcc 275 YO2LDS

image of yo2lds

Pop Lucian Ovidiu

flag of dxcc 230 DO1EMS

image of do1ems

Gustav Siegel

flag of dxcc 223 M6GLM

image of m6glm

Stephen Weeks

flag of dxcc 291 W5PFG

image of w5pfg

Clayton Coleman

flag of dxcc 223 G4MRU

image of g4mru

Peter Sables

flag of dxcc 223 M6LDZ

image of m6ldz

Trevor Clapp

• Today's featured station: flag of dxcc 202 WP3GW

image of wp3gw

• Hottest QRG on DX Cluster now:

28076.0 kHz on 10m band

• Current activities in calendar:

Sonder-DOK 30G45 - Special-DOK 30G45

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Software for Digital modes. A Review

Added at 2014-06-17 08:02:34 by EI9KF

Using Macros in Digital modes

Added at 2014-06-17 07:40:56 by EI9KF

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