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2014-09-02 18:48:03 UTC









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For non Ham/SWL users: currently we do not support self created callsigns, please don't register, as we delete them immediately. It is imperative to all other kind of radio pirates.

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• Current activities in calendar:[view all]

Special Event: Sonder-DOK 30G45 - Special-DOK 3…

2014-01-01 00:00:00 - 2014-12-12 23:59:00

Event Call: ZM90DX celebrating 90 years of K…

2013-10-01 00:00:00 - 2014-10-31 23:59:59

• Most active users on site now:

flag of dxcc 223 M3FEH

image of m3feh

Karl Kruger

flag of dxcc 224 OH9ENO

image of oh9eno


flag of dxcc 263 NL11673

image of nl11673

Jacco De Jong

flag of dxcc 236 SV2RJO

image of sv2rjo


flag of dxcc 1 VA3BWZ

image of va3bwz

Gerry Hawes

flag of dxcc 230 DL3GCB

image of dl3gcb

Bernd Novotny

flag of dxcc 248 I4OQA

image of i4oqa

Giovanni Yoky Pe…

flag of dxcc 269 SP9VFR

image of sp9vfr

Pawel (paul) Go…

flag of dxcc 291 W6INO

image of w6ino

Robert Kupps

flag of dxcc 239 HA4SI

image of ha4si

Istvan Szabo (…

• Our users on DX Cluster now:

Date / Timesort descFrequencyDX CallSpotterRemarks
2014-09-02 18:47:043648.6 kHzflag of dxcc 230 DL0ANAflag of dxcc 230 DL6CNGS-DOK: BU500
2014-09-02 18:47:0218145.0 kHzflag of dxcc 212 LZ1VDRflag of dxcc 209 ON7HXcq
2014-09-02 18:46:5821070.0 kHzflag of dxcc 100 LU4FTflag of dxcc 108 PP5JLCBPSK31, 599
2014-09-02 18:46:2314261.0 kHzflag of dxcc 291 W1AW/1flag of dxcc 291 W2YCME - pse 12M rtty
2014-09-02 18:46:0928505.0 kHzflag of dxcc 223 M0HLTflag of dxcc 108 PU1MHZ
2014-09-02 18:46:05144340.0 kHzflag of dxcc 269 SP9ZHRflag of dxcc 248 IZ3VTHtnx qso jn65dm - jo90mh
2014-09-02 18:46:0121081.6 kHzflag of dxcc 269 SP1JRFflag of dxcc 72 HI8CSSRTTY
2014-09-02 18:45:5014032.9 kHzflag of dxcc 291 W1AW/7flag of dxcc 291 W8IQBegging last hours
2014-09-02 18:45:3814020.0 kHzflag of dxcc 272 CT7/RC2Aflag of dxcc 54 RX3DLHtnx QSO
2014-09-02 18:45:3714220.0 kHzflag of dxcc 296 YU100CERflag of dxcc 263 PI4CQtnx 73
2014-09-02 18:45:3121086.0 kHzflag of dxcc 230 DO7DUflag of dxcc 100 LU6DUtnx x qso rtty
2014-09-02 18:45:2118160.0 kHzflag of dxcc 281 EA4FAHflag of dxcc 223 M0RNRstrong
2014-09-02 18:44:5814261.0 kHzflag of dxcc 291 W1AW/1flag of dxcc 291 WF5XME UP3
2014-09-02 18:44:4614220.0 kHzflag of dxcc 296 YU100CERflag of dxcc 296 YT9TPspecial call 100 yrs Cer mt. b
2014-09-02 18:44:217095.8 kHzflag of dxcc 21 EG6SDCflag of dxcc 281 EB4ERWSANTINA DE COVADONGA
2014-09-02 18:44:1121086.5 kHzflag of dxcc 100 LU6DUflag of dxcc 230 DO7DURTTY tu
2014-09-02 18:44:0721035.0 kHzflag of dxcc 291 W1AW/7flag of dxcc 291 AB4JKGreat Sig on East Coast TU
2014-09-02 18:43:5510106.0 kHzflag of dxcc 442 TZ6BBflag of dxcc 288 UT7NYUP 1.4 TNX!
2014-09-02 18:43:5114035.9 kHzflag of dxcc 291 W1AW/1flag of dxcc 239 HA6VH
2014-09-02 18:43:1728505.0 kHzflag of dxcc 227 F5OUXflag of dxcc 108 PU1MHZ

• Latest activated users with images:

flag of dxcc 291 AB6QM

image of ab6qm

Mel F Nunes

flag of dxcc 230 DL9FCS

image of dl9fcs

Gazi Balci

flag of dxcc 209 ON8MJ

image of on8mj

Mawet Joel

flag of dxcc 66 V31CR

image of v31cr

Alf Alf

flag of dxcc 223 GX1WRS

image of gx1wrs

Wakefield & Dist…

flag of dxcc 291 W1JCW

image of w1jcw

John Walker

flag of dxcc 272 CT1CLO

image of ct1clo

Joaquim José Nob…

flag of dxcc 269 SQ3PMN

image of sq3pmn

Krzycho N.

flag of dxcc 291 W9OOO

image of w9ooo

Jacek Zebrowski

flag of dxcc 230 DG2KCK

image of dg2kck

Rüdiger Beerens

flag of dxcc 291 KD6MDV

image of kd6mdv

Donald Tribble

flag of dxcc 339 JH1RLT

image of jh1rlt

Koichi " Ichi "…

flag of dxcc 291 W6NIF

image of w6nif

Jim Erbe

flag of dxcc 279 MM0HRL

image of mm0hrl

Ian Gourlay

flag of dxcc 501 E77AW

image of e77aw

Josip Sliskovic

• Today's featured station: flag of dxcc 339 JR1BVP

image of jr1bvp

• Hottest QRG on DX Cluster now:

21081.6 kHz on 15m band

• Current activities in calendar:

Sonder-DOK 30G45 - Special-DOK 30G45

ZM90DX celebrating 90 years of Kiw…

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Software for Digital modes. A Review

Added at 2014-06-17 08:02:34 by EI9KF

Using Macros in Digital modes

Added at 2014-06-17 07:40:56 by EI9KF

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TS850SAT - FT450 - IC7100 - A…


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Yaesu FT857D


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