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2015-03-30 12:52:08 UTC









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• Most active users on site now:

flag of dxcc 54 UA4032SWL

image of ua4032swl

Alexandr Patrike…

flag of dxcc 230 DG5FAU

image of dg5fau

Peter Werminghaus

flag of dxcc 291 KM4SLW

image of km4slw

Steve Wilkes

flag of dxcc 279 MM6ULL

image of mm6ull

John Mackenzie

flag of dxcc 52 ES2ML

image of es2ml

Tõnu Maasar

flag of dxcc 230 DL8AAB

image of dl8aab

Peter Hentig

flag of dxcc 230 DK1WI

image of dk1wi

Erhard "ed" Haup…

flag of dxcc 224 OH6EKR

image of oh6ekr

Ari Kataja

flag of dxcc 291 K9GTH

image of k9gth

Scott Harris

flag of dxcc 1 VA3OPA

image of va3opa

Fred Tenk

• Our users on DX Cluster now:

Date / Timesort descFrequencyDX CallSpotterRemarks
2015-03-30 12:50:2350160.0 kHzflag of dxcc 453 FR4NTflag of dxcc 272 CT1IUA59
2015-03-30 12:49:5521297.0 kHzflag of dxcc 259 JW9JKAflag of dxcc 209 ON6EFbear island EU-027
2015-03-30 12:49:5528500.0 kHzflag of dxcc 27 EU1AAflag of dxcc 100 LW7DBANew One
2015-03-30 12:49:5521035.0 kHzflag of dxcc 166 AH0YLflag of dxcc 54 R6FStnx fb qso! 88!!
2015-03-30 12:49:3550160.0 kHzflag of dxcc 453 FR4NTflag of dxcc 497 9A3SM
2015-03-30 12:48:4610145.0 kHzflag of dxcc 137 DS4AOWflag of dxcc 291 W3LPLRTTY Heard in MA
2015-03-30 12:48:3450160.0 kHzflag of dxcc 453 FR4NTflag of dxcc 499 S57RR59++ in JN65
2015-03-30 12:48:1721015.0 kHzflag of dxcc 157 C21EUflag of dxcc 239 HA1KEDTnx
2015-03-30 12:48:1450050.0 kHzflag of dxcc 462 ZS6JON/Bflag of dxcc 206 OE5MPL599 +15 JN78cj<F2>KG33vv
2015-03-30 12:48:1350135.0 kHzflag of dxcc 462 ZS4Nflag of dxcc 227 F0CXOJN26PP<TEP>KG04BU HRD 52
2015-03-30 12:48:0550160.0 kHzflag of dxcc 453 FR4NTflag of dxcc 348 9K2GS59++
2015-03-30 12:47:247045.4 kHzflag of dxcc 375 DU1/OE1SGUflag of dxcc 206 OE3SGUrtty
2015-03-30 12:47:1728076.0 kHzflag of dxcc 79 FG8OJflag of dxcc 54 RW4LN73!
2015-03-30 12:46:4750134.8 kHzflag of dxcc 462 ZS4Nflag of dxcc 503 OK2KRKG04BU
2015-03-30 12:45:5350125.0 kHzflag of dxcc 462 ZS6AYEflag of dxcc 497 9A2DIcorr call on this req
2015-03-30 12:45:3114032.0 kHzflag of dxcc 103 KH2Lflag of dxcc 27 EW6DXTnx !!! simpl
2015-03-30 12:44:4724924.0 kHzflag of dxcc 266 LA4OGAflag of dxcc 281 EA5RDOP ROGER RTTY
2015-03-30 12:44:0550125.0 kHzflag of dxcc 462 ZS6AYEflag of dxcc 227 F6EGXJN23VE<>KG54ML 57 with QSB
2015-03-30 12:43:3850084.0 kHzflag of dxcc 462 ZS6NKflag of dxcc 230 DH6JLkg46<>jo31ni tnx Paul
2015-03-30 12:43:3614028.0 kHzflag of dxcc 269 SN0WFFflag of dxcc 269 SP5GKNSPFF-1083 NEW ONE
2015-03-30 12:43:3428080.7 kHzflag of dxcc 440 7QAAflag of dxcc 236 SV3FUOrtty simpl
2015-03-30 12:42:5914027.0 kHzflag of dxcc 269 SN0WFFflag of dxcc 239 HA6VH
2015-03-30 12:42:3824896.0 kHzflag of dxcc 440 7QAAflag of dxcc 54 RA6YJUP1
2015-03-30 12:42:2714027.0 kHzflag of dxcc 269 SN0WFFflag of dxcc 269 SP5GKNSPFF-1083 NEW ONE
2015-03-30 12:42:0428077.0 kHzflag of dxcc 79 FG8OJflag of dxcc 112 CA3SOCJT65
2015-03-30 12:40:517025.0 kHzflag of dxcc 230 DL65DARCflag of dxcc 230 DL3APOcq cq
2015-03-30 12:40:4050135.0 kHzflag of dxcc 462 ZS4Nflag of dxcc 236 SV2AYTKN10LP<>KG30BU
2015-03-30 12:40:0750144.0 kHzflag of dxcc 248 IZ7FLSflag of dxcc 248 IZ8DWFhrd SSB BS 120
2015-03-30 12:39:0350135.0 kHzflag of dxcc 462 ZS4Nflag of dxcc 248 IZ8EPY
2015-03-30 12:39:0224935.0 kHzflag of dxcc 321 VR2XMTflag of dxcc 212 LZ3BStnx qso 73

• Latest activated users with images:

flag of dxcc 224 OH2EIC

image of oh2eic

Pasi Malinen

flag of dxcc 291 N3ZPC

image of n3zpc

David Alan Garre…

flag of dxcc 223 M0TYA

image of m0tya

Richard Burt

flag of dxcc 223 G1AKX

image of g1akx

Dennis Graham Bo…

flag of dxcc 263 PA1SF

image of pa1sf

Sandro Fenech

flag of dxcc 150 VK3JOX

image of vk3jox

David Daley

flag of dxcc 291 W1ZAD

image of w1zad

Gregory A Welch…

flag of dxcc 291 KC1BSY

image of kc1bsy

John Boyd

flag of dxcc 291 KE8AQU

image of ke8aqu

Tyler Payton

flag of dxcc 223 G8ALQ

image of g8alq

Alan Whitlock

flag of dxcc 248 IU2ERG

image of iu2erg


flag of dxcc 223 G3YZO

image of g3yzo

Robert Wilson

flag of dxcc 291 KC6WGN

image of kc6wgn

Gideon J. Banez,…

flag of dxcc 223 M6FHB

image of m6fhb

David Bell

flag of dxcc 269 SQ4OJL

image of sq4ojl

Bogumil Koziol

• Today's featured station: flag of dxcc 100 LQ4D

image of lq4d

• Hottest QRG on DX Cluster now:

14255.0 kHz on 20m band

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