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2014-04-24 07:00:17 UTC









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Bob Cornell

United States, AZ

united states

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image of k7fx

Call data

Last update:2013-12-23 09:50:57
QTH:Colorado River
Federal state:AZ
US county:Mohave
DXCC Zone:291
ITU Zone:8
CQ Zone:5

QSL dataUp to date!

Last update:2013-12-07 10:26:58
Bureau QSL:no
Direct QSL:YES


Was born in the back seat of a 1940 Mercury in 1947... Coming back from Joplin Mo. Riding on Route 66, and can't remember a thing... My family was moving to East Los Angeles from Joplin... I remember mostly as I grew older that radio was the main form of entertainment "THE GREAT GILDERSLEVES" and many other radio programs. I believe in 1956 my Grandma gave me an old shortwave radio and the monster started growing within... I was ready for my ham ticket by 1963 but an unforeseen change was in my immediate future, surfing... That was my main hobby for 18 years which took me many places... In 1974 I finally was licensed as wd6gis. And have been pretty active since then... I got My k7fx call in 1996 as a vanity call but got my 20 words a minute CW ticket in 1990. I had taken a friend to test for his novice and the guy came out and announced the 20 wpm CW test was going to start. My buddy looked at me and asked, Bobby aren't you going to try? And I thought, why not... Ha ha ha I passed... Well that's me in a microcosm... Thanks and hear ya on the air... Bobby k7fx... Audios.



I have a very simple and modest radio shack... My transciever is a Yaesu ft 1000D... My amplifier is a Heathkit SB-221... My key is an EL KEY made by w2ayj, Mr. Poucel at Poucel Electronics in 1959 and they went for $15.50 at that time, and there were only 400 of these keys made... I like it very much... My tuner is home made and helps me tune my feed line resonance on different frequency's... My antenna is cut for 80 through 10 meters and is totally constructed from speaker wire, 16 guage rubber coated(zip-chord)...My antenna is 90 feet on one leg and 45 feet on the other leg, and I feed the antenna with the same speaker wire which is a balance line feeder... I soldered the feed right to the connector on my tuner... This antenna is perfect for all I do with ham radio as I get good signal reports and hear most everything considering conditions at the time... So that's my gear and it cost me around one thousand six hundred dollars for it all... Bobby...k7fx

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